About us

Small World Cafe is an organisation in Reading comprised of university students, staff and friends. It is a partnership between the Student Christian Union International Team and some local churches. Our purpose is to provide social events, hospitality and sightseeing trips for international students. Our hope is that students will develop friendships and have an enjoyable, beneficial and positive experience during their stay in this country.

If you want to find out why as Christians we want to love others like Jesus, speak to one of the team or stay for our optional discussion time where we read a biography of Jesus’ life written by his friend John.

What happens at Small World Cafe?

Every week there will be a presentation or activity on a certain theme that is determined in the programme, such as Christmas Traditions. You can be as involved as you like and they are usually lots of fun – check out some of our photos!

There is lots of time for games and chat, and free drinks and snacks provided for you to relax and make friends.

When the theme is finished at 8:30pm, you are welcome to stay to our discussion section, or say goodbye until next week. Feel free to come and go any time between 7pm and 9pm!